Comparing Apples to lemons

Today’s Macworld column looks at how to make Microsoft look good by comparison. A goofy, goofy comparison.

Not exactly missing it

Today’s Macworld column looks at the reaction to Apple’s quarterly results.

And if you missed it, Tuesday’s column looked at the contention that developers are skeptical of the Apple Watch.

Missing all the signs

Today’s Macworld column shows that you can make the Apple Watch a flop if you just ignore inconvenient facts.

Paling in comparison

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at a comparison between the Apple Watch and, um, Google Glass.

Unreality check

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at the amusing notion that Tim Cook is a lousy CEO.

The expectation game

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at how you can subjectively dismiss the Apple Watch. It’s easy!

Past tense

Today’s Macworld column tells you all about the Apple Watch failure.

Survey fever

Tuesday’s Macworld column asks you not to catch it.

You’re doing it wrong

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at the strange case of the negative Apple Watch review that didn’t go overboard.

Not for everyone

Today’s Macworld column explores how someone else could like something that you don’t and…  that’s OK.