Keeping it real

Today’s Macworld column investigates a case of “keeping it real” gone wrong by Apple derangement syndrome.


Saturday’s Macworld column looked at the magic that can delay a product that hasn’t even been announced yet.

No stupid questions

Today’s Macworld column (which is yesterday’s column delayed for technical reasons) looks at the old axiom about there not being any stupid questions. Because we may need to revisit that.

1920 called

Today’s Macworld column makes use of a tired cliché, but it really is appropriate.

The outrage gap

This week’s Macworld column notices a slight difference in how Apple is treated versus how other companies are treated.

Not breaking news

Oops, forgot to post Thursday’s column, which looked at the startling discovery that smartphone purchases are subsidized!

Exactly backwards

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at the amazing tale of the Business Insider writer who got Apple’s statement on privacy exactly backwards.

Just your typical launch

This week’s Macworld column looks at how Apple could ship millions of new iPhones and still be a miserable failure.

Unfair comparisons

Today’s Macworld column looks at the best way to show that Android phones are better than iPhones.


Today’s Macworld column cuts open some prime rib of Androidsplainin’.