The trust gap

Tuesday’s Macworld column looked at how things are going over on Android security-wise.

HomePod racing

Today’s Macworld column is about the HomePod and the proper way to complain about it.

A pox on all their houses

Today’s Macworld column looks at someone lumping Apple in with Facebook on privacy.


Today’s Macworld column looks at the entirely hopeless situation of iOS.


Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at the stages of pundit opinion on Apple products.

Too good

Today’s Macworld column guesses it must be time to stop making iPads. Just too good.

Playing games

Saturday’s Macworld column looked at the contention that Apple is a monopoly. No, don’t shake your laptop, you read that right.

Past isn’t prologue

Yesterday’s Macworld column had to explain that Apple is not today’s Microsoft.


Today’s Macworld column make the point that Apple is actually pretty good at design.

Bad example

Today’s Macworld column notes that the 1990s weren’t exactly Apple’s best decade.