Born of the earth, forged in fire, the Macalope was branded “non-standard” and “proprietary” by the IT world and considered a freak of nature. Part man, part Mac, part antelope, the Macalope set forth on a quest to save his beloved platform.

Long-eclipsed by his more prodigious cousin the jackalope (they breed like rabbits, you know), the Macalope’s time has come. Apple news and rumor-monger extraordinaire, the Horny One provides a uniquely polymorphic approach.

Shrouded in secrecy, appearing in many guises, a mystery wrapped in an enigma, the Macalope dishes it out with a flair for the dramatic.

(Could you tell?)

Now, the Macalope commands you:


Although, he should point out that email access is spotty on the high mountain plains so if it takes him a while to get back to you, don’t take it personally. And if you’re passing along a link or tip, please specify how you would like to be referred to with a “tip o’ the antlers”.