Idea recycling

Today’s Macworld column features an astounding idea: Apple should — are you sitting down? — license one of its operating systems. Pretty cool, right?

Coming up lame

Today’s Macworld column finds the Macalope desperate for material!

On repeat

Tuesday’s Macworld column found the best way to deal with evidence contrary to your Apple doom scenario is to double down.

Missed opportunities

This week’s Macworld column wonders why we can’t get better punditry.

Feature, not a bug

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at the Windows users who are asking Apple what it’s done for them lately.


This week’s Macworld column looks at things that should not be compared to each other… but are.

Stating the obvious

This week’s Macworld column acknowledges that it’s possible that Apple’s doomed, it just isn’t very likely.


This week’s Macworld column points out that two things we’ll always know are that Apple should dump billions on acquiring some big-name company and that Microsoft always wins.

Of course

Today’s Macworld column looks once again at how super-awesome Microsoft is.

A fundamental lack of understanding

This week’s Macworld column has people who don’t understand iPad pricing, people who don’t understand iPhone sales and people who don’t understand their own business model.