The comeback

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at a zingy retort from Microsoft that was four years in the making.

The return of the Winotaur

In today’s Macworld column, our old friend the Winotaur is back to talk about Apple and Microsoft’s announcements this week.

Taking the cake

Today’s Macworld column looked at when it’s the best time to declare victory and it turns out it’s whenever it best suits Microsoft.

Big Win

Today’s Macworld column finds Microsoft winning… again!

The wrong fight

Today’s Macworld column looks at which Apple device the Surface really competes against.

Re-seeing the light

Today’s Macworld column shows that all Microsoft has to do is release a less awful operating system and all will be forgiven.

Watching the wrong fight

Today’s Macworld column looks at how badly the Microsoft Band is going to beat the Apple Watch. Wait…

Idea recycling

Today’s Macworld column features an astounding idea: Apple should — are you sitting down? — license one of its operating systems. Pretty cool, right?

Coming up lame

Today’s Macworld column finds the Macalope desperate for material!

On repeat

Tuesday’s Macworld column found the best way to deal with evidence contrary to your Apple doom scenario is to double down.