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But sometimes it is.

19 thoughts on “Notes on commenting”


    I think Andrew Nusca is deserving of your scrutiny. His analysis of Apples failure to meet expectations with the iPad is particularly idiotic. Eg Contrary to what apple claims he has seen only one iPad on the streets of New York but has seen lots of Kindles which leads him to some walk like a duck conclusion or confusion from my point of view.

    He is my nomination for idiot analyst of the month.

  2. Ron,

    Dang. You beat me to it. I was going to suggest that Senior Macalope review Mr. Nusca’s “analysis” for the coming column.


  3. All this talk of larger iPhones is, I think, a reflection that no other makers can fit the hardware into the iPhone form factor, not that people want larger screens.

  4. It happens so rarely, but I found that there is at least one person who at least once wrote something that made sense. Chris Matyszczyk has done a credible job. I realize you tend to focus on those needing a full ‘lope treatment, but it is nice to see that you are not out there by yourself.

  5. Here’s one that requires the Macalope’s analysis.

    It’s by a financial advisor who deduces that because the first day sales revenues of the Apple Watch were a mere half-billion dollars that it’s a failure and that Apple will be forced to reduce the price in order to sell any. He partly bases his conclusion on the fact that all three of his children (ages unstated) see little point in an Apple Watch. I’m not making this up; you can’t make up stuff this ridiculous. Finally, he believes that Apple stock has not increased much with the release of the Watch because of the fact that the upgrade cycle may not be as short as that of the iPhone — i.e., there can be no profit in a product that’s not upgraded every two years. Horror of horrors: the entire automobile industry is based on a giant sham. Sell all you automotive stocks immediately. In fact, by the same reasoning, it’s obviously impossible for any watch company to avoid losing money. Right?

    Can you imagine having this idiot manage your investments?

    1. I thought it might make a good column if you addressed the court order allowing apple reasonable compensation for the hack. I would assume the judge would consider $1000.00 a reasonable number Not something like the actual cost of several million for the thousands of hours of employee time to compete the task

  6. From MacWorld: “Apple Pay rival CurrentC may finally roll out in stores next month
    According to a new report, CurrentC doesn’t yet have agreements with credit card companies.”

    Howʻs that sʻposed to work? LOL! Like to see your take on that one.

  7. I believe that many years ago (in computer design) Radio Shack produced a 6-line portable computer with a 600 baud dial up connection that was the darling of reporters and article writers. Apple is simply addressing that need, in a much more sophisticated device which surprisingly enough is not much more expensive.

    1. It was a TRS-100… had 8 lines for a display, 40 characters across, and cost about $800-$1000 at the time. Apparently it is still in use in some parts of the world.

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