HomePod racing

Today’s Macworld column is about the HomePod and the proper way to complain about it.

Bad example

Today’s Macworld column notes that the 1990s weren’t exactly Apple’s best decade.

Fun with no numbers

Today’s Macworld column looks at how indefinably great Microsoft is.

Not buying it

Yesterday’s Macworld column listened to the complaint that the new MacBook Pros cost too much.

The return of the Winotaur

In today’s Macworld column, our old friend the Winotaur is back to talk about Apple and Microsoft’s announcements this week.

Car trouble

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at how the Apple Car is already in trouble.

The old standards

Today’s Macworld column shows that some stations are still playing those tired old tunes.

Start making sense

Today’s Macworld column asks only that your Apple criticism be of things that matter.


Today’s Macworld column looks at how you can make your Apple Watch diatribe stand out.

Raising the iCar

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at who’s in a better place to disrupt Detroit, auto industry executives or outsiders?