Those who do not study history

Yesterday’s Macworld column presented an object lesson on how current products from other vendors do not indicate anything about the success of upcoming Apple products.

Dead already

Yesterday’s Macworld column found the Apple Watch compared to a loser. A brown loser.

Dead again

Thursday’s Macworld column took on more unproven stuff that’s sure to be an Apple killer.

A broken watch

Saturday’s Macworld column looked at some super-awesome Apple Watch coverage.

A watched pot

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at the allegations that the Apple Watch has been “delayed”.

Crazy is as crazy does

Today’s Macworld column looks at how the Apple Watch ships pre-doomed.

Apres Watch, le deluge

This week’s Macworld column deals with the post-Watch dumb. As you’d think.

Jumping the gun

Today’s Macworld column looks at how you can review a product before it’s even revealed.

Throwing numbers around

Today’s Macworld column looks at estimating the unestimatable.

How low can you go?

Today’s Macworld column looks at some sound advice: Apple should rush to the low end of the market.