Artie MacStrawman is not just a river in Egypt

Cleversimon torches Charlie Brooker’s strawman so the Macalope doesn’t have to, passing the savings on to you. Or something.

Charlie Brooker’s thesis is “I hate Windows, but I hate strawmen Mac evangelists more, so I’m going to marinate in my misery just to stick it to these imaginary fanboys. I’m unhappy and unproductive, and I’m going to stay unhappy and unproductive—that’ll show ‘em.”

UPDATE: Commenters believe the horny one just doesn’t “get” Brooker and that it’s all a satire and not to be taken literally. It’s obvious that it’s over the top and meant to be funny, but it certainly seems like the basic point is still the same no matter how much patented British sarcasm — that no one in the colonies can is allowed to understand because we’re peasants who only understand the twaddle that comes from the plebian “writers” who have so badly butchered their language — there is.

(That, by the way, is just plain old American sarcasm. Which comes with a side of fries.)

Well, maybe the Macalope’s wrong. But he believes Cleversimon is Canadian. What’s his excuse?


This week’s Macworld piece looks at the Windows 7 party video and for bonus nails on the blackboard, Michael Arrington interviewing Steve Ballmer. Also, AT&T will cure your AT&T problems if you just send them more money!

Comparative rates

John Gruber’s collected some stats on Snow Leopard adoption that puts it at almost 25% after about a month. This stands in contrast to the Vista adoption rate which appears to be about 20% after over two and a half years.

The Macalope has no doubt that Windows 7 will get adopted faster. It would be hard to get adopted any slower.

Money, money, money

This week’s Macworld piece looks at the Zune HD, how much the recording industry hates us and has fun with accounting. Well, not really fun, per se. That’s prohibited by Section 3.4\b of the tax code.

It wasn't only rock and roll, but did you like it?

This week’s Macworld piece looks at the music event, why there’s no camera in the iPod touch and Apple’s not infallible?!

Good kitty, bad kitty

This week’s Macworld piece does a postmortem on the Snow Leopard upgrade by anecdote (how else to do it?), talks about Flash and asks how do you solve a problem like AT&T?