Comparative rates

John Gruber’s collected some stats on Snow Leopard adoption that puts it at almost 25% after about a month. This stands in contrast to the Vista adoption rate which appears to be about 20% after over two and a half years.

The Macalope has no doubt that Windows 7 will get adopted faster. It would be hard to get adopted any slower.

  • Macsmarts:

    Shhh! Don’t let Snow Leopard know it’s adopted, it’s a little too young still. Wait until next year on it’s birthday when we take it out and get it a hooker.

  • … and don’t let Windows 7 know that it’s being put up for adoption either. you wouldn’t want to traumatize it this early in its life and then be responsible for the inevitable therapy bill.

  • The Church of Apple:

    Oh my god that’s funny

  • jean-paul:

    The malware warning is back for me: clicking Go Back and reopening the link did NOT bring back the warning.

  • Kevin Horton:

    Statistics can be interpreted so many ways that it is hard to know what story they tell. An alternative way to read these entrails is that the vast majority of Windows XP users were very satisfied with their operating system, but many OS X 10.5 users wanted something better.

    I’m a happy 10.5 user, who won’t upgrade until my critical apps have proven good on 10.6 on other folk’s computers.

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