Gin rummy.

The Macalope sees that John C. (the “C.” is for “C. What An Ass I can Be?”) Dvorak is ginning up hits from Apple web sites by saying Apple should “pull the plug” on the iPhone…

before it’s too late! Aaaaaaahhhh! (Cached link here.)

The Macalope has discussed this before, of all the silly pundits, Dvorak is really the one who deserves no links.

The problem with Rob Enderle is not Rob Enderle, it’s lazy journalism. Paul Thurrott is largely just a Microsoft fan boy and has, on occasion, a nice word for Apple. And the Macalope firmly believes that George Ou believes every crazy koo-koo bananas thing that he writes.

But Dvorak has no business writing about Apple. Period. When a pundit has admitted he’s just flame-baiting, why would anyone take his opinion seriously?

So don’t click through to read Dvorak’s trolling. Click here and ask MarketWatch why anyone should listen to anything John Dvorak has to say about Apple ever. Don’t use filthy words, don’t use capital letters, don’t go all Artie MacStrawman. Just do the textual equivalent of sighing and rolling your eyes.

And then go read something else.