Gin rummy.


The Macalope sees that John C. (the “C.” is for “C. What An Ass I can Be?”) Dvorak is ginning up hits from Apple web sites by saying Apple should “pull the plug” on the iPhone…

before it’s too late! Aaaaaaahhhh! (Cached link here.)

The Macalope has discussed this before, of all the silly pundits, Dvorak is really the one who deserves no links.

The problem with Rob Enderle is not Rob Enderle, it’s lazy journalism. Paul Thurrott is largely just a Microsoft fan boy and has, on occasion, a nice word for Apple. And the Macalope firmly believes that George Ou believes every crazy koo-koo bananas thing that he writes.

But Dvorak has no business writing about Apple. Period. When a pundit has admitted he’s just flame-baiting, why would anyone take his opinion seriously?

So don’t click through to read Dvorak’s trolling. Click here and ask MarketWatch why anyone should listen to anything John Dvorak has to say about Apple ever. Don’t use filthy words, don’t use capital letters, don’t go all Artie MacStrawman. Just do the textual equivalent of sighing and rolling your eyes.

And then go read something else.

15 thoughts on “Gin rummy.”

  1. Sharpening the ol’ antlers oh Macalope?

    Even is he made a good point (he doesn’t) being a stock market guy (he is) he would know that even if the iPhone was a bad idea (it’s not) that Apple would murder their stock price outright if they canceled the iPhone (they won’t). It would be less of a financial burden to the company to put it out there and let it fail in the market.

  2. I think his points are kinda interesting to think about, once you ignore the flamey language.

    I’d question the assumption that the current mobile phone market is actually a market. I haven’t paid for a phone for years. I get whatever looks vaguely interesting and is free on my contract, and only when my current one gives up the ghost (I’m in the UK, don’t know if this situation doesn’t occur in the US).

    I know nothing about economics, but if there are a significant number of people like me, Apple’s done something to change the game here.

    I guess my point is that is you look at phones that people actually pay for, the market for those might look a bit like the market for MP3 players five years ago, as Dvorak describes it.

    Sorry, is all that really obvious?

  3. “I get whatever looks vaguely interesting and is free on my contract, and only when my current one gives up the ghost.”

    I do the same, and it’s only a choice in that it’s a choice between that and getting a pricey phone that still annoys the heck out of me. I got a RAZR last time thinking I’d pay for a better phone, and I despise it.

    If Apple can make me genuinely excited about my phone – and the iPhone buzz has certainly done that – then they have my money.

  4. I’m on a prepay phone so I don’t have a contract and I don’t get a free phone. I also kept my last phone till they switched off the network 🙂
    So I’m not an ideal customer for the mobile phone market either but I *am* going to buy an iphone, just as soon as it arrives in my country. Probably 2 years away, sigh.

  5. Well, I should know better, but hell why not.

    “Apple Inc.’s past successes have been in markets that were emerging or moribund.”

    Is he seriously arguing that the current smartphone market *isn’t* moribund?

  6. I don’t like Thurrott or Enderle or Ou. I think they all know what they’re about–which is promoting the Beast of Redmond. I actually like Dvorak. Dvorak is just having fun–voicing, counter-intuitive nonsense in a search for page hits.

    But Market Watch, if they’re taking him at face value, are sadly deceived. If they’re expecting accurate analysis of market trends from him, they’ve misunderstood him. He’s taking them for a ride. I followed your suggestion, dropped them a line and told them so.

  7. I wrote to MarketWatch using your link,, and got an email from tham that I had written to an address that doesn’t accept email! So MarketWatch has set up a site to complain to, but doesn’t accept your complaint. Interesting. I wonder if Dvorak had anything to do with it? Maybe they just couldn’t keep up with the negative comments about John!

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