Is it October already?

Apple releases Boot Camp 1.2 beta (tip o’ the antlers to Daring Fireball).

Boot Camp 1.2 beta includes:

  • Support for Windows Vista (32-bit)

Fortunately for the Macalope, he can just go trick-or-treating as-is. But what are you going to wear?

  • But I thought it would take until October to support booting of this earth-shattering OS!

  • Chas:


    So this rumour going around that Leopard was being delayed to incorporate Vista compatibility is now seen for the utter bullshit it always was!

    Fsck me, but I could make better prognostications than these idiot “industry commentators” (Thurrott, Enderle, Dvorak et al) could ever hope to in a million years. Wish I could make their kind of money, though 😉


  • Jonathan:

    Chas, I’m sure you could.

    I could write better news stories than the “Sun” (THE crappy UK magazine) but too bad the masses who finance that branch of fine literature are not interested in my definition of ‘better’. The same applies to you, sorry.

  • Splashman:

    Heh — you guys beat me to it.

    Dang, wouldn’t y’all love to work for Apple right now? I figure the S/N of sniggers, chortles, guffaws and evil chuckles at 1 Infinite Loop is approx. 108db.

  • And didja read that Microsoft fixed the problem iPods were having in Vista?

    Microsoft – as related to Apple – is beginning to mean what an etymologist would expect it to mean: small and limp.

  • I’m becoming convinced that the guys in Cupertino are orchestrating leaks just for the hell of it. “Okay, people are starting to worry that Leopard’s behind schedule. Any ideas?” “Let’s put ‘Vista compatibility’ out there and see what happens.” “Nobody’s gonna buy that.” “What about Enderle?” “…” “…” Cue laughter. Hilarity ensues.

  • V-Train:

    Apple to the Digitimes: F you.

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Apple released this today because of the BS rumors.

  • Jonathan:

    I frankly wonder how in earth Digitimes “news” get so much traction, they have worse track record than Think Secret, Rob Enderle and Cringley put together.

  • Mike:

    The Microsoft fanboy Ou now has a column entitled “Did Apple install a rootkit in Apple TV?”

    Clearly, being an incomptent, he has no idea what the term means, namely:

    “A root kit is a set of tools used by an intruder after cracking a computer system. These tools can help the attacker maintain his or her access to the system and use it for malicious purposes. Root kits exist for a variety of operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, and versions of Microsoft Windows.”

    These toolkits are usually *hidden from the filesystem*, as well. Why would Apple hide something from its own filesystem?

    If the fool means a “backdoor” why should he imagine an OS vendor would want or need one? One is reminded of Steve Gibson’s panicked claim that the wma flaw on Windows must be a backdoor. Mark Russinovich showed how Gibson had misunderstood the nature of the flaw, but why would MS contrive secret access to a machine when they could simply use Windows Update, anyway?

    It looks like some people have broken their tvs by fiddling with them, so the fool Ou now suggests Apple has software hidden on the machines–hidden from the filesystem, indeed–similar in nature to a cracker’s toolkit. Then he adds a question mark as a sop to reality.

    I hope Redmond are pleased with his drivel. It’s going to cut no ice with the public.

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