Furry and elusive

The Macalope will likely be laying low this week. Please talk amongst yourselves.

  • Bill Scott:

    Is it rutting season?

  • BarakTheCat:

    Ugh, that’s a nasty thought. A murder of Macalopes getting jiggy with it . . .

  • Matt Green:

    Wouldn’t a group of Macalopes be a “keynote”?

  • In completely unrelated news The Merlin Show launched this week and can probably tide the Blattapus over for a little while.

    Does anyone else think that everything is pointing at March for the release of Leopard? The Apple TV and Photoshop CS3 are pointing at mid-March, and supposedly one of the Apple TV’s features will be streaming of desktops from Leopard. Doesn’t that sound similar to the whole 802.11n enabler “new feature” thing?

  • iheartbeer:


    “Doesn’t that sound similar to the whole 802.11n enabler ‘new feature’ thing?”

    Not really, the Apple TV hasn’t been released yet. 802.11n enabler was for products already released. At least that’s my understanding of it.

  • iheartbeer:

    Here’s a question for you all (since the topic is wide open):

    Apple is implementing multiple desktops in Leopard, known as “spaces.” Am I the only one who thinks that each “space” should have it’s own desktop folder? I’m sure I’ll be mocked for actually using my desktop for files and folders, but I’ve been looking for this feature since the OS 9 days. Back then there was a clever hack to make a virtual monitor that showed up in addition to your regular monitor in the monitor control panel. That thing was a stroke of genius.

    Nowadays, I use QuickSilver with the deviant plug-in. It allows me to have multiple desktop folders, but it needs to quit out of the Finder each time.

    I have 2 – 20″ cinema displays, so I’m not really low on screen real estate. The reason I need it is that it’s quite handy to set up a different desktop for each project I’m working on. It’s a great way to stay focused.

    I’ve tried every desktop manager out there, but none work like this — they’re all for app management. You Control Desktops was close, but it has a nasty way of switching items in your desktop folder: it actually moves files in and out of folders (I’m pretty sure it’s for speed of switching, but I’ve been burned twice trying out that app). QuickSilver at least renames your original desktop folder and creates an alias in its place (but again, it has to restart the Finder for every switch).

    When I saw spaces, I thought “Apple will do it right.”

    So, again, the question: Am I the only one who thinks that each “space” in spaces should have it’s own desktop folder? Not to compare, but isn’t that the way desktop managers work in Linux?

    Sorry for the long-winded rant, but this is what happens when you “lay low.” On a side note, I prefer the term “dongle” of Macalopes (maybe just because it sounds like “gaggle”).

  • The feisty fawn is due from Ubuntu soon. Perhaps a correlation?

  • Ken:

    Curse you, Moltz!

    Oh wait…

  • Daniel:

    Iheartbear: I agree spaces should look like this. Having lots of actual ‘desktop’ folders might be confusing though. I too hope Apple will do it right!

  • Cam:

    Multiple Desktop Folders?!

    I don’t know… I think it would be too confusing and you’d only be able to graphically access files from certain spaces. You might as well just have multiple users and log in accordingly…

    Perhaps some sort of “smart” Desktop folder could be developed with metadata corresponding to the “space” the file needs to exist. You could turn the “smart”ness on or off.

  • blip:

    Don’t mind me. I’m hiding from Doctorow.

  • I should probably know this but I don’t…

    will there be a PPC Leopard release? I’m kinda thinking about selling my year-old G5 iMac and upgrading to a new intel iMac when the line is updated and after Leopard comes out since I’ll get an education discount for another year. But it just seems easier to buy a PPC version for the hundred so bucks…

    And I do believe “dongle of Macalopes” IS the proper phrase

  • doh:


    Yes, Leopard will run on PPC. Visit Apple’s Leopard page and read about it. It’s a no-brainer.

  • Leave a Reply:

    “It’s a no-brainer.”

    Off topic, but any chance we can drop the ‘no brainer’ tag?

    That’s the hook, the meat is elsewhere.

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