Survey sickness

Today’s Macworld column shows that not all surveys are created equal.

The exploding dud

Today’s Macworld column points out that just because you don’t like the Apple Watch, that doesn’t mean it’s a dud.

Futile exercises

Today’s Macworld column looks at what happens when you try to use the Apple Watch for something for which it was not designed.

Macbeth syndrome

Today’s Macworld column looks at whether or not Apple should kill off the Mac. (Spoiler: No.)

Striking twice

Today’s Macworld column looks at yet another breakup note to the Apple Watch.

Leading indicators

Today’s Macworld column looks at the very obvious contention that if a product is being advertised, then it must not be selling well.

Of babies and bath water

For your Memorial Day reading, Saturday’s Macworld column looked at the contention that the Apple Car is DOA.

Stainless steal

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at claims that the Apple Watch is easy to steal.

Bad decisions

Today’s Macworld column looks at the startling revelation that if you don’t want an Apple Watch, you maybe shouldn’t buy one. Particularly a $700 one.


Today’s Macworld column reviews the grossness that is an Apple Watch “review” dressed up as a break-up letter.