Bad behavior

This week’s Macworld column hits Michael Arrington, a college journalism student and corporate IT shops. That’s a nice rounded list.

The iPhone's a good cop!

This week’s Macworld column looks at the mobile wars, Consumer Reports refusal to accept that the iPhone’s not evil and talks to the Winotaur about Microsoft’s boss new slate coming in 3 years!

Who's the little girl again?

Samsung has this viral image ad up on YouTube (tip o’ the antlers to Leo Laporte) of a little girl dancing and then all the adults follow along.

It’s a cute ad but the metaphor reminded the Macalope of nothing more than the point Marco Arment makes here. The “adult” handset manufacturers were churning out pieces of crap and then along came the iPhone. Apple just walked in and started a dance that everyone else has spent the last three and a half years trying to move to.

That probably wasn’t the image they were going for.


This week’s Macworld column looks at the choices we make, from Android phones with Bing to Apple’s App Store rules to a kookie Acer founder who goes nuts with a metaphor.

Nano mano y mano

Jim Dalrymple likes the iPod nano and does the best (and maybe only) sales job for the device the Macalope’s seen from someone who doesn’t work for Apple.

The brown and furry one hasn’t laid a hoof on the new nano yet, but he’s only slightly more amenable to the device he called a “red-headed stepchild” in his column last week after reading Dalrymple’s paean.

The place where Dalyrmple and the equally hirsute one agree the most is probably what category it fills. The Macalope said it’s “less of a multitouch nano than it is a multitouch shuffle” and Dalrymple’s piece seems to back that up.

The difference is, Dalrymple thinks that’s a good thing while the Macalope thinks multitouch alone doesn’t warrant the $100 price difference. The 8 GB iPod touch is just $80 more than the 8 GB nano. Now think about the difference in utility between the nano and the touch that you get for $80 versus the difference in utility between the shuffle and nano that you get for $100.

Personally he thinks the old nano provided more utility, but reasonable people can disagree.

The price, not the price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab should cost below $300 with US carriers

Samsung in an update [sub. required] on the Galaxy Tab said the tablet’s price would be below Apple’s iPad when attached to a carrier. Samsung in an update [sub. required] on the Galaxy Tab said the tablet’s price would be below Apple’s iPad when attached to a carrier. Although the full price may be significantly more expensive than the iPad — $900or more — executive Hankil Yoon told the WSJ that the price would be no higher than $300 but likely above $200.

Got that? The full price will be significantly higher, but the price will be lower.


You know, when the iPhone came out, most buyers already had a cell contract of some kind, so you could discount part of the iPhone’s contract because they were already paying it. But how many people already have a cellular contract for their tablet?

The machine that goes Ping!

Thisweek’s Macworld column looks at the iPod/Apple TV announcements and whether or not the Mac is losing market share.

There is a Horse in the Apple Store

THERE IS A LITTLE PONY IN THE APPLE STORE. What the hell? A beautiful little pony, with a flowing mane, the likes of which my sister would have killed to get for Christmas when she was 7 or 8. And, NOONE is looking at this thing.

Delightful story from Frank Chimero (tip o’ the antlers to Rod Knowlton).

Nobody ever bats an eyelash when a man/Mac/antelope walks into one, either.

Humans are weird.