The price, not the price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab should cost below $300 with US carriers

Samsung in an update [sub. required] on the Galaxy Tab said the tablet’s price would be below Apple’s iPad when attached to a carrier. Samsung in an update [sub. required] on the Galaxy Tab said the tablet’s price would be below Apple’s iPad when attached to a carrier. Although the full price may be significantly more expensive than the iPad — $900or more — executive Hankil Yoon told the WSJ that the price would be no higher than $300 but likely above $200.

Got that? The full price will be significantly higher, but the price will be lower.


You know, when the iPhone came out, most buyers already had a cell contract of some kind, so you could discount part of the iPhone’s contract because they were already paying it. But how many people already have a cellular contract for their tablet?

  • Dave:

    Ridiculous, “Oh the price will be lower when you commit to a monthly fee we are conveniently leaving out of the equation. We aren’t going to bother with a fair comparison because obviously we aren’t selling Apples.”

  • Bruce Hoult:

    AND the Samsung has both front and back cameras. Not only has the current iPad not got any camera at all, it is inconceivable to think that Apple could add such hardware, let alone write the low level software to drive them, or find a compelling end user capability exploiting them if they were present.

  • Scott G. Lewis:

    I have an iPad WiFi. I think there are a million or two others just like me. Apple still makes them, rather than just concentrating on the 3G version, which implies it sells rather well. I don’t think people who would buy a $499 to $699 Wifi only tablet are going to be swayed because if you agree to a $30 to $60 monthly tab on data services over two years ($720 to $1440 depending on the price of the serve) you can save two hundred bucks.

  • I love how some other writers that have written about this make a big deal that something significantly smaller than the iPad, by 3 inches even, will be priced lower than the iPad. Well, knock me over with a feather! How did they perform this magic!

    The subsidized wrangling notwithstanding, some of these tech writers are completely retar… uh, mentally challenged.

  • His Shadow:

    Let’s throw in the bozo that thinks that when the iPhone is sold in the US thru AT&T on contract, advertising the contract price is a some kind of bait and switch.

    Can’t find the link… darn.

  • Sporkupine:

    See, that’s the thing…I *want* to like the Galaxy Tab. I really do. And then I find out that this thing has a SIX HUNDRED dollar (minimum) delta? Holy balls…people get on Apple for being overpriced. The Macalope was right; there is currently no competitor to the iPad.

  • Sigivald:

    Bruce: Just what I want on a tablet form factor.

    Two cameras. Because, uh… um…

    Nope, not seeing it.

    (But then I’ve never thought videoconferencing was a good idea. I’ve never used the cameras on my iMacs or on my laptops…)

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