Smells like teen spirit

This week’s Macworld column takes a trip back to the ’90s because the smartphone OS wars are exactly like the PC wars, dude!

  • Joachim:

    The interview, reported in English by DigiTimes, also quoted Wang insisting an open platform—as in Android—would always beat a closed one – such as Apple’s OS.

    Absolutely, the same way Linux will always beat Windows… oh wait.

  • bradi:

    I leave this comment here because it is easier than registering on MacWorld:

    I am so disappointed that you equate the slightly better pundit Paul Venezia to Smashing Pumpkins and that other guy (hardly worth looking him up) to Spin Doctors. I SOOOO liked the Spin Doctors better and took them more seriously. I have to take exception …. ; – )

  • Donn:

    At least with a bag a Zunes you have more than one in one place, and can make use of The Social. Not that you’d want to.

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