Oh, that word

People love to say “fail”. This week’s Macworld piece looks at APPLE FAIL, NETBOOK FAIL and FLASH FAIL.

  • on the subj of flash fail, i recently acquired flash pro cs5 & holy total failure, batman! unlike the other cs5 apps, flash runs only in a single unified window & when you close the current flash document, the bloody app quits!

    don’t recall flash cs3 being so incredibly inept. flash cs5 is so bad, i’ve stopped using it entirely – also, try to upgrade the flash player embedded in the app: good luck with that …


    • ok, retract one part of my rant: you can break up the unified window; it’s just not a preferences option. the second part of my rant remains valid.

      add to that an attempt to login to adobe’s support forums to see if there’s a solution or at least to officially complain & one discovers adobe can’t build webapps to save their damned lives! after login, the site asked me to create a new user id. er, i’ve been an adobe customer for years. wtf?

  • Sigivald:

    Hell, Flash makes my netbook slow and annoying, beyond its normal sloth.

    How Adobe thinks it’ll ever be useful on a handheld (well, okay, “ever” is a bit much, but this year? Next year?) is beyond me.

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