Did we never file for that restraining order?

Because Scott Moritz is still talking about Apple (tip o’ the antlers to HC). This time out he takes rumors about a new “iTV” at face value.

What is it with Wall Street “analysts” that they have such a hard time separating fact from rumor?

Unlike music, where record companies had no way to sell songs in a market awash in free “stolen” tunes, the TV industry has not lost control of its programming.

This is true and really does represent part of the challenge Apple faces. Sadly, Scott’s not at the top (bottom?) of his game this time out, but he still has to lay it on thick.

For Apple, which craves control and loathes the anarchy of Internet…

“Loathes the anarchy of the Internet”? What’s that supposed to mean? Apple likes to control its user experience. The End. Safari is a great browser that delivers the full “anarchy of the Internet”. Most of the best web developers use Macs.

It’s cheap, stupid and patently false shots like this that make Scott such a jerk.

TV isn’t broken, yet Apple proposes a fix.

Well, TV may not be broken from the industry’s point of view but it’s sure broken from the customer’s point of view which is who Apple wants to help. Surely Scott knows this and maybe it’s just that all these Wall Street types see is the corporate perspective.

Or, you know, maybe it’s just that he’s a jerk.

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