Macworld Expo A-Go-Go

The Macalope’s weekly Macworld piece is up. Three guesses about what it covers and the first two don’t count.

  • Montrealer (ex-SF):

    Good piece, yes, Apple the company doesn’t need MW anymore, still sad, I went from 96-01 when it was just a MUNI ride away for me. Yes, the company is solid enough that Jobs retiring or whatever would not be a disaster. But the face time people got from a MW with prestigious participants like Apple, Adobe. etc. is irreplaceable.

    And the socio-cultural experience, so to speak: seeing Jobs sweep by on the floor with his posse, or Woz (with no posse) standing there talking to someone, seeing fellow musicians like George Clinton, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Jordan, Tracy Chapman, or Bean from D’Cuckoo (great 90s Bay Area group) hangin’ there (Bean smiling at me like “yeah this is the place”), the afterparties, meeting my namesake Kai Krause (my housemate’s GF was one of his first employees), being given a free CD of Logic’s first softsynth, the ES-1, by Phil Jackson of Emagic (long before they got bought by Apple), and getting to chat with Apple Fellow Douglas Adams, are just some of the moments I’ll remember fondly.

    There was always the sense that this was more than just another trade show.

    BTW, “week” is feminine au fran├žais, so it would be “rumour de la semaine.” (“du” is the mandatory contraction of “de le”.)



  • I hope they make it next year. Every year it seems they say the may not come but they always do. It looks like they finally kept their word

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