Oh, my gawd! Does my voice really sound like that?

Just finished recording this week’s MacBreak Weekly which was a blast. Probably won’t be up until tomorrow, though.

The Macalope is very pleased that he was able to work in the phrase “strangely homoerotic”, but Merlin’s description of the disturbing Jerry Lewis movie that never got made is going to keep him up all night.

iPhone. June 29th.

Apple released three lovely iPhone ads tonight and set the release date for June 29th (tip o’ the antlers to David Josephson via email).

So, some people were right about the release date and some people were obnoxiously wrong

Could we be wrong? It’s possible, but not likely.

Mmm-hmm (they did own up at least).

What the Macalope finds funny is that the ads appeared shortly after 7pm EST on a Sunday night and the Apple web was ablaze with the story shortly thereafter. Apple Insider did get the date right yesterday, but no one the Macalope knows of predicted the ads. Engadget had it earlier today, but the Macalope isn’t terribly impressed by scoops that are hours in advance.

On the other hand, if you look at the date and time on the iPhone in the ads, they were apparently just thrown together today (isn’t Apple amazing?!). So maybe Engadget actually got wind of them while they were still filming!

The Macalope On MacBreak Weekly

Yes, it’s true. The Macalope will be on next week’s edition of MacBreak Weekly. He enjoys the show quite a bit so he’s pretty excited.

And he’s as eager to hear what he sounds like as you are.