The Macalope On MacBreak Weekly

Yes, it’s true. The Macalope will be on next week’s edition of MacBreak Weekly. He enjoys the show quite a bit so he’s pretty excited.

And he’s as eager to hear what he sounds like as you are.

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  • Being as how I don’t hear so good, I probably won’t listen. My wife will keep telling me to turn it down so I’ll miss more than I hear anyway.

    If you don’t sound like a Macalope, a lot of people will be disappointed.

    Best of luck.

  • I’m really excited about this, I love macbreak weekly and lately I’ve enjoyed reading the macalope (just recently found it) this should be a pretty cool combination

  • dino:

    Absolutely freaking awesome! I was listening to episode 42 and they were talking about getting you on there. I’m glad that it worked out. Really looking forward to it. 🙂

  • Alex:

    I have been waiting for this since the first time Merlin mentioned you on the show and was mocked by the other guys, who I guess hadn’t twigged to how awesome you are?

  • TjL:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and make a prediction now, and you can all come back later and see if I’m right…. this is just a guess, but I’m going on record right now as saying:

    I bet The Macalope sounds just like Fake Steve Jobs.

    I just blew your mind, right? Right? Oh yeah.

    As Stephen Colbert would say: “I called it.”

  • Bruce Garlock:

    Finally, we get to hear the Macalope! Will the Macalope disguise his voice?

  • Hostile Monkey:

    Here’s the Hostile Monkey’s prediction:

    We hear lots of typing, followed by someone reading out what the Macalope just said over iChat…

  • D.:

    MacBreak Weekly has gone downhill dramatically in recent episodes with Leo and Merlin spouting increasing amounts of gibberish. Hopefully an appearance by The Macalope can reverse this trend!

  • John Muir:

    Rip: podcasts were really meant for earphones … give your old lady a break and pick up a portable player as I believe the kids aren’t calling them these days. I’ve heard that Zunes are easily found, still in their wrappers, propping up the occasional wobbly table.

  • I think the relative lack of Mac news recently has made it difficult on all of us.

    Leo’s supposedly taking care of the voice modulation. The Macalope hopes he doesn’t make him sound like anything silly.

  • I cannot wait to hear the Macalope on MacBreak Weekly. I hope Leo has an awesome voice modulation that isn’t difficult to hear, but teh funny nonetheless.

  • Dom:

    Great stuff! Looking forward to hearing the call of a Macalope against my eardrums.

    I wait with baited breath…and minty breath

  • bab:

    Courtesy of “The Straight Dope:”


    “To moderate or restrain (a variation of “abate”): to bate one’s enthusiasm, and, “to lessen or diminish,” and “with bated breath – in a state of suspenseful anticipation.”

  • John,

    A lovely idea that. There are roughly six ‘pods about the house somewhere. This includes three that are officially “mine.”

    I sure wish one would appear near me.

    Anyway, I hope it was a good show. The ‘lope deserves to shine.

  • a. musing:

    Please Macalope, get your antlers manicured – and use some Klear screen and a lint free cloth – I think I see some schmuts right… there.

  • V M Respectable:

    Voice modulation? Humbug. I wanted to hear His Velvetiness’s own voice. I like to imagine it sounds something like Fyodor Chistyakov. But since you’re part Mac, maybe you just sound like Fred anyway. In that case, no need to hide behind this “voice modulation” ruse. We understand, and we don’t think any less of you for it.

  • When does MacBreak Weekly actually tape, just out of curiosity?

  • you should get on there again 🙂

  • Working on it. Will probably be a few weeks as the Macalope doesn’t think they’re doing one this week. May drop the voice modulation as it was pretty hard to understand.

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