iPhone. June 29th.

Apple released three lovely iPhone ads tonight and set the release date for June 29th (tip o’ the antlers to David Josephson via email).

So, some people were right about the release date and some people were obnoxiously wrong

Could we be wrong? It’s possible, but not likely.

Mmm-hmm (they did own up at least).

What the Macalope finds funny is that the ads appeared shortly after 7pm EST on a Sunday night and the Apple web was ablaze with the story shortly thereafter. Apple Insider did get the date right yesterday, but no one the Macalope knows of predicted the ads. Engadget had it earlier today, but the Macalope isn’t terribly impressed by scoops that are hours in advance.

On the other hand, if you look at the date and time on the iPhone in the ads, they were apparently just thrown together today (isn’t Apple amazing?!). So maybe Engadget actually got wind of them while they were still filming!

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  • Tom:

    The ads are well done. I was wondering how they’d advertise something that’s been talked about incessantly for six months. Yet the ads are short, sweet, to the point, and right on target.

    As for the date, these ads could have been filmed weeks ago, I’m pretty sure Apple is smart enough to set the date on the phone to the date the ads will air.

  • Matt:

    Tom, I realize it can sometimes be hard to detect sarcasm in written communication, but… pull your head out of your hole.

  • Tom: the Macalope was, of course, being sarcastic about them being filmed today. Hence the parenthetical.

  • Damn I was really bored to start researching this stuff. The most recent email is 5/23/07, a good sign that it was filmed a few weeks ago. Some google searches of the names of the email senders shows that Heidi Luko runs in marathons, Hank Zakroff, Alex Lebosq, and Anne Oburgh are all advertising people involved in the iPhone ad campaign, and Meghann Haven has a MySpace (you’ll have to find it for yourself, but she’s cute and has good taste in music). Most curiously though, the front page of the NY Times website pictured is from May 14th, as evidenced by this story pictured in the ad. My theory? An Apple time machine is forthcoming… you heard it here first.

  • Sam:

    The NYTimes article used is from May 14.

    VENICE JOURNAL; Along the Canals, a Woman Paddles Against the Tide
    Published: May 14, 2007
    For more than a thousand years, Venice has had gondolas but never a female gondolier. But now there is Alexandra Hai….

  • > An Apple time machine is forthcoming… you heard it here first.

    !!! Yes! It must be true! The Apple iTardis, the time machine that is bigger on the inside than the outside, but is frequently mistaken for a high-end refrigerator.

  • Tom:

    Serves me right for posting too soon. I’m feeling pretty dumb right now…

  • I saw the ads.

    If you ain’t got wood, don’t be ahead of me in line. Got it?

    I’m serious.

  • So, yeah. No expandable battery, or memory expansion. And is battery life going to be a joke?


    Of course, where I live if I want AT&T coverage, I have to drive 5 miles north or west. Is it worth driving 10 minutes to make a phone call on a 600 USD phone? Probably not.

    But who knows.

  • Joe:

    Apple’s iPhone site shows texting with a qwerty keyboard with the phone in the vertical position. I’m sure that makes one-hand texting nice but does anyone know if it’s too narrow for two-thumb testing? Can it be held horizontal for those lengthy (pushing 160 character) texts?

    Any insight?

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