Oh, my gawd! Does my voice really sound like that?

Just finished recording this week’s MacBreak Weekly which was a blast. Probably won’t be up until tomorrow, though.

The Macalope is very pleased that he was able to work in the phrase “strangely homoerotic”, but Merlin’s description of the disturbing Jerry Lewis movie that never got made is going to keep him up all night.

  • Which movie? “The Day The Clown Cried”?

  • V M Respectable:

    “Probably won’t be up until tomorrow, though.”

    I probably should have read that part before refreshing my podcast list fifty times.

    Is it tomorrow yet? How about now?

  • iheartbeer:

    You mean you didn’t garble your voice with a filter to mask your true identity? For shame.

    I have an image of you with the Mac/antlers on your head as a mask/helmet, only wearing a towel around your neck as a cape (including apple logo sticker/insignia) and a pair of boxers, while sitting at a table by yourself in a kitchen with an old-time microphone in front of you… banging your hand on the table and shaking your fist in the air…

    I never said it was a pretty image. Crap, now I’m going to have nightmares.

  • Bchang:

    I suspect that this was all conducted to the highest degree of industrial security techniques. Concealing your identity from the unworthy public.

  • You are correct, sir. Leo is possibly modulating the Macalope’s voice as we comment.

  • No modulation necessary, since The Macalope sounds like this:


    I think it’s quite attractive, like a lisp or a British accent.

  • @WabeWalker: Yes. Shudder.

  • dood:

    My understanding is that The Day the Clown Cried WAS made, but that the film was placed in the studio vault, never to be seen by the general public.

  • bc:

    I can hardly wait!! alas, it seems tomorrow has yet not arrived to my iTunes podcast feed… The anticipation leaves me time to ponder things mythical and otherwise.

    hmmm… methinks that although I have not seen (nor heard) the Macalope (yet), he reminds me of the Merlin Mann… I guess I shall have to wait and see (I mean, hear) if the two shall engage in simultaneous witty banter during the podcast, or if they shall be politely taking turns speaking….

    and now, after doing the podcast, will the Macalope next show his antlers on a video podcast?!?

  • artMonster:

    @WabeWalker: Yes. Shudder

    This one?

  • Jimbo:

    The Macalope sound like Patrick Norton!

  • Macadope:

    The Macalope actually sounds very much like Andy Ihnatko.

  • Tim:

    I don’t care WHO the Macalope is. But I’ll never listen to another MBW that he is on again if that’s going to be the sound quality. I was interested in the ideas and commentary, but it was truly awful audio and I deleted the whole episode after 15 minutes.

    Look forward to hearing you on MBW again. Sensibly next time please.

  • Jay:

    Aww Mr. Tim, don’t be a Negative Nancy. You missed a good show. Scott Bourne almost didn’t pee himself over the iPhone this time. 😉

  • Emily:

    I didn’t get to this until yesterday, and I have to say that your voice modulation was really distracting. It made you really difficult to hear, ‘lope, and I want to hear what you have to say, dammit!

  • Blarg:

    So…Who is ContraTom?

    (around 22:20 into MBW #43)

  • Contretemps. Leo did go to Yale, after all.

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