Time for an intervention

Now, the Macalope himself has sniffed a little Leopard glue in the past. But he’s been clean and sober for four months and he’s here to scare MAC.BLORGE.com’s Triston MacIntyre straight!

Jeff Gamet at the Mac Observer said, “When a product reaches the technological feasibility state, Apple typically ships it shortly thereafter.”

That being said, if both items, as Apple said, are “technologically feasible” and Apple is on schedule for its June release of the iPhone, couldn’t Leopard see an earlier release?

What if Apple was planning all along to postpone the release, only to shock the world by throwing an amazing release of iPhone after displaying the final production of Leopard at WWDC?

Triston, just say “no”!

The Macalope knows that Steve Jobs is a diabolical marketing genius, but he’s not insane, and “We’ll announce we’re delaying Leopard and then we’ll look like heroes when we don’t!” is just nuts.

Also, before you kids “get your freak on” or whatever you call it these days, you should meet a little friend the Macalope likes to call “Mr. Google”.

Search on “technological feasibility” and “SEC” and the third entry is from the very same Mac Observer, which quotes Apple’s report to the SEC on Tiger’s release thusly:

Tiger achieved technological feasibility following its public demonstration in August 2004 and the subsequent release of a developer beta version of the product.

Tiger’s eventual release date?

April 29, 2005.



Give the Macalope your keys.

Or at least your keyboard.

  • Really? You’ve been clean? Is that why you refer to yourself in the third person, and as some sort of hybrid African animal at that? 😉

    Where’s the optimism? As a journalist (or Macalope) you should be able to appreciate the intentions of my post…thanks for the hits.

  • P.S. It’s Triston McIntyre…c’mon, if you’re cutting and pasting, that’s one of the easiest things to not get wrong. 😉

  • Nick:

    I’ve just noticed that the Maclope’s website doesn’t render properly in IE7. The tagline is hiding. Carelessness or a challenging toss of the horns towards Redmond?

  • Firefox Camino Safari Operaman:

    You were using IE7? for real?

  • Apologies for mangling your name, Triston. And the Macalope would love it if Leopard came early, but unfortunately your evidence doesn’t hold up.

    And Nick…

    Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick.

    You missed option 3: indifference.

  • SteveP:

    When Leopards come early that’s a GOOD thing?
    It sure isn’t for humans! 🙂

  • IE7? Really. How does it come through on Netscape Navigator? CyberDog? Maybe you should just wait for the print version.

  • Nick:

    Well, Macalope, Macalope, Macalope, Macalope – not sure what that affectation is about, but when in Rome …

    Thanks for indulging my curiosity. An intentional booby-trap would have been more amusing; “indifference” essentially _is_ carelessness, which is boring.

    Now, while I’m sure you’re right in surmising that, this being a Mac site, your readers will be Mac users and hence will have Safari, what you’re perhaps missing is that they won’t always be sitting at their own machines. But, of course, making sure the site renders as intended for one’s readers whatever browsing environment they might happen to be using is merely a matter of _courtesy_ and in no way an _obligation_ on you. In any event, a slight problem with the tagline is neither here nor there. So long as the HTML and CSS for the site validate to W3C standards – I didn’t check (“indifference” on my part) – no one can have a valid complaint. And even if they don’t, no one can – specially since this is a personal site.

  • Er..from the ‘Silly Pundits’ roundup page :
    “Full release of Tiger at WWDC? Son, are you high?”

    I think you need like, a smaller bong or something..

  • @Nick

    Meh, it’s his site, let him have it broken how he likes 😉

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