Well, the Macalope probably can’t get away without putting some of his velvety hide in the game, so here goes.

  • Beatles-themed iPod.
  • iWork spreadsheet.
  • Little hand-held computery phone thing.
  • Tiger Leopard (Drunk fauns, indeed. These were Mexican fauns with tequila.) to be delivered earlier than expected, possibly right after the keynote.

And to raise the ante, something he hasn’t seen reported anywhere else.

  • Some large announcement for the education market that leverages wireless technology.

The Macalope didn’t entirely pull that one out of his rump, but it’s not based on a whole lot.

21 hours.

  • […] Now, the Macalope himself has sniffed a little Leopard glue in the past. But he’s been clean and sober for four months and he’s here to scare’s Tristan MacIntyre straight! Jeff Gamet at the Mac Observer said, “When a product reaches the technological feasibility state, Apple typically ships it shortly thereafter.” […]

  • Tiger? I didn’t think it was coming out this soon. I cant WAIT for spotlight!

  • Rob:

    where by “Tiger” you mean “Leopard”?

  • lanaer:

    “where by “Tiger” you mean “Leopard”?”

    Methinks the Macalope was partying too late with drunken fauns.

  • Rob, you’re so picky… and right.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to any/all of those things listed. We’ll just have to wait and see…

  • Billy K:

    It’s a good list, but actually, I think we’re likely to see an iPod-themed Beatles song!

  • Rob (a different one):

    – Paul McCartney on stage

    – New iSight

    – small business server (OS X Server + Mac Mini)

    – yeah, maybe a new Mac or two

    – iPod has a camera in it

  • Dhrakar:

    Aaand the the Beatles iPod will be yellow and will work underwater 🙂

  • noodles:

    Hmm, judging by the state of the last Leopard seed I’d be VERY surprised to see it available right after the keynote.

  • Joel:

    I’m also thinking of a yellow iPod, but it will have a red scroll wheel. — Yellow Submarine colors.

  • ScoPi:

    I hope they don’t do a Yellow Submarine iPod, because my girlfriend will start reflexively throwing money at the screen when she reads about it, she’ll want one so bad. And dammit, I want a Wii!

  • TjL:

    I was thinking of a yellow iPod too.

    It seems like We’re all thinking of a yellow iPod.

    A yellow iPod

    A yellow iPod

    We’re all thinking of a yellow iPod…

    (try humming it)

    (Management would like to apologize for that last bit. Those responsible have been sacked. Literally. Plastic bags over their heads.)

  • What about octo?

    While it is very likely, I hope it doesn’t come out so that the quad that I am typing on right now can hold onto pole position.

    P.S. Don’t forget more movies too.

  • DocB:

    The convergence of the iPod/iPhone/iHandHeld into a handheld device that can do all — runs a version of OSX, has WiFi, Bluetooth, connects with everything. No larger than a Dell AXIM but much more powerful and more screen. Less expensive version all solid state. More expensive version with an HD. Will run any OSX app out of the box (it’s just a smaller Mac). It will have smart power management — not using WiFi/Bluetooth — will turn them off or on as needed. Auto sync with a refurbished .Mac. Ooops… forgot GPS… linked to Google Earth… smart links based on location. The yellow version comes with the entire Beetles catalogue and the Beetles movies (digitally remastered).

  • Dhrakar:

    I guess a yellow iPod is appropriate since the iPod is #1 and the Zune is, uh, #2?

  • Eric:

    I realize this is really pedantic, but I think you meant fawns, not fauns 🙂 Although, fauns adds a whole new twist to the story!

  • Joel:

    And then we’ll hear the Zunites say in disgust: “YELLOW?!”

  • huxley:

    The Beatles iPod will be made from a revolutionary new crystal clear material that is multi-layered like a Glass Onion.

    Or it could be Strawberry coloured …

  • ScoPi:

    Ooh! It could be silver, and we kill people with it. Or hammer nails. Either one.

  • All the hue and cry for a Beatles iPod should be answered with a large, beautiful device that weighs about 28 ounces. I Want You (She’s So Heavy).

  • Little hand-held computery phone thing

    Bloody hell, talk about on the money.

  • Sigivald:

    So, it’s an iPhone.

    My real question is, how real is that “OSX” on the phone?

    Given battery life and ram and CPU restrictions (related to each-other), I find it hard to believe it’s reall full OSX (Rather than something related to OSX the way PocketPC/WinCE is related to Windows), but Apple’s mum so far.

    But maybe all they mean by “OSX” is “uses the OSX kernel code (maybe a subset of it) and OSX APIs”.

    I mean, it runs Safari, sure, but I’ll be shocked to death if that’s the same build of Safari that you can run on your Intel Mac.

  • huxley:


    It’s probably based on the version of WebKit that Apple and Nokia collaborated on.

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