The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!

In an interesting addendum to the post below about Mac coverage, the Macalope has learned from his friend the Ratboy…

You may have heard of him. Part boy, part rat. He’s been in the papers.

Not to be confused with the bat boy. That guy’s just a publicity hound. And a total name dropper. Phew.

Anyway, according to the Ratboy, IDG — the parent of Macworld — is hiring a Mac reporter for the mother ship. While IDG does frequently cross-post Macworld stories to its various publications, a dedicated Mac reporter at the parent will likely mean more Mac coverage and wider distribution.

That sound you hear is the sound of the Mac universe expanding.

Or, possibly, somebody hates these cans.

  • Or, it’s the first step of Macworld turning into a section of some other magazine. Yes that cup is half empty.

  • Sam:

    I’m quite amused that you worked a parody of ‘The Jerk’ into a story about Mac media coverage. Very clever.

  • Peter Cohen:

    That’s ridiculous. The IDG News Service has beat editors that cover other platforms — Linux, mobile, PCs, Microsoft software and so on. It only makes sense that they’d want to fill in the gaps in their coverage, which right now they’re having to make up for by syndicating content from individual IDG pubs like Macworld and Computerworld.

  • Brian:

    I thought “Rat Boy” was NPR’s Steve Inskeep…

  • monkyhead:

    What’s him doing here?!?

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