And the joke comes full circle!

Step 1: Crazy Apple Rumors invents Artie MacStrawman.

Step 2: Someone starts an Artie MacStrawman blog (actually, the second Artie MacStrawman blog).

Step 3: Irony-deficient security enthusiast takes Artie MacStrawman to task for being… Artie MacStrawman.

I’ll just leave you with this last bit of ignorance from the Artie MacStrawman blog, “I love Apple, Mac OS X is invulnerable and I’d jump off a cliff if Steve asked me to.” and “The Mac is utterly impregnable to attack. I’ll never switch to Windows or Ubuntu or something.” That sums up the thinking of most OS X users… a flawed sort of logic that really makes me believe that OS X is the new Linux… at least when it comes to cocky, arrogant, know-it-all users….

You can’t write this stuff.

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  • This is truly wonderful.

    How embarrassed will this guy be when someone sits down with him and explains what an utter moron he is.

    Oh, what I would give to be there. It should be televised. For the world to see.

  • Christine:

    That’s hilarious. People who just don’t get sarcasm, irony, and/or satire do make the best unintentional humor.

  • TjL:

    I didn’t even realize Enderle had a brother.

  • Thank goodness we don’t read a blog from a mythical blogger. We might be subjected to the same kind of scrutiny in this blog.

  • Se7en:

    I’m pretty sure THAT guy’s blog is satire as well-no one could be that stupid.

  • WH:

    I went over to the poor man’s blog and posted a comment, but several others had beaten me to it, enlightening him upon the true character of Artie The Fanboy. I also said as much as that even Ye Olde Macalope has a satirical touch to it, albeit with a bite, but such is good humour:)
    Anyway, the man seemed to me to have a touch of the true zealot, himself, lack of humour being one characteristic of such a person. So, pitying him in his distress, I offered him a link to a humorous take from the other side:,,2005931,00.html

    But Charlie’s satirical rant seems rather similar to this other person’s – so maybe he is a comedian pulling our legs? Who knows these days? True zealotry may be in danger!

  • What, HTRegz is at least as smart as most people who do Windows-only “IT” and end every sentence with an ellipsis. As his post makes clear, he resents anyone who uses and promotes a technology he can’t be bothered to learn to support. (First that Linux thing, now this crazy new MACOSX!?… Grrr… What? Just reboot! Stop putting the coffee cup in the CD tray MAC users–IT IS NOT A CUPHOLDER…ha ha… Grrr.)

  • Billy K:

    Take a look at his last handful of entries. One had 2 comments. his best showing was four comments. This piece of trash got 53 (at last count).

    Yes, we are feeding the trolls.

  • matt:

    and now it seems that he’s removed all mention of MacStrawman from the article. That’s what I call INTEGRITY!

  • comacnut:

    Won’t he look silly when Apple releases version 1.0 of the Sexbot and he’s on the “do not ship to” list.

  • That was so much fun. Can we go round again?

  • Oh, my.

    That has just made my day.

  • Heh heh heh. Reminds me a few years ago when some rabid housemoms were pointing to a satirical article that had been published in the Onion to PROVE that the Harry Potter books were encouraging kids to become satanists …

  • Einstein once said,”Only two things are infinite — the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

    We have further proof about the latter.

  • Notjustlaw:

    It is funny how he took unjustified shots at the Macalope (A man, antelope, Mac mix) and Gruber, but then got mad that people were seizing on that fact rather then his message. Dude, don’t take a cheapshot and people might debate you!

  • ClockworkZombie:

    I know many of mac users through my work and I notice that as a group we do not care if other people use windows as that is their choice but a LOT of windows users seem to take it as an insult that others use something other than Windows.

    I think it is because mac users are happy with their choice, whilst the Windows users want everybody to be as frustrated as they are.

    Possibly what a lot of windows users characterise as arrogance is the result of happy mac users not caring about unhappy windows users as they can change if they want to.

  • blip:

    I was going to post a reply, but really, what is the point? Let them live in ignorance.

  • I’ve just realized that I didn’t explicitly acknowledge The Macalope for pointing me to that Windows Zealots’ blog entry, and for giving me the biggest belly laugh I’ve had for a while. I nearly fell off my perch, and I still have cider coming out my nose. more…

  • I have to laught.. The folly of these Windows zealots is just as bad as the insanity of Bill Gates.. every day brings as new hearty chuckle!

  • John Cena:

    I think it may be possible because of mac users are glad with it, whilst the Windows users want everybody to be as frustrated as they are.
    Wide Circles

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