Bertrand Serlet sold what the Macalope calculates on the back of a napkin to be about $5.5 million in shares and options on Dec. 29th.

Not sure what the implications might be but he was clearly picking the last day of 2006 for tax purposes.

Or, possibly, to impress chicks on New Year’s Eve.

“Pardon, cherie, but ‘ave yoo ever seen a $10,000 bill?”

  • I love foreign accents! Guaranteed comedy. Awesome.

  • John Muir:

    Bertrand, can you believe?
    Cashing in shares on the eve…
    Of the Steve!

    For sure it’s for the tax.
    Because on Tuesday we’re seeing new Macs.

  • Neil:

    I also believe that you aren’t allowed to cash in share options whilst the company is out of date with it’s SEC filings. Apple turned in their (overdue) filings on that same day, so Bertrand wouldn’t have been allowed to have cashed them in beforehand.

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