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Month of Lame Bugs?

The Macalope highly suspects that the Month of Apple Bugs is starting off intentionally lame in the hopes that Apple blogs will take the bait.

Please hold your snide remarks until all the bugs have been announced.

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  • John:

    You might well have something here – it’s early days and the upcoming bugs don’t have a lot of room to be even more lame than the first three.

  • While this is a possibility, I believe it to be remote. LMH isn’t explaining how a _Win 2K “hack”_ will further OS X security. It could be the MOAB really will be lame and has already reached its high point.

    I stand by my prediction that no exploit will be released during MOAB which will allow LMH – or anyone else – to “own” my Mac without my knowledge or assistance.

  • I’m sweating. I’m shaking. I’m afraid I might wet my pants. I’m going to hide under the bed until February. Oh please don’t let them find BUGS in my beloved operating system. I’ll be crushed.

    Obviously a man who goes by only LMH, and won’t disclose his real name is to feared.

    I think I might cry.

  • “….to be feared.” That is.

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