Things the Macalope learned from the MOAB

Artie MacStrawman? Bi-curious.

The reason is simple: if Steve Jobs appears in pink pants on Young Gay America, so will these zealots.

Who knew?

Are you feelin’ the love from the fine folks behind the Month of Apple Bugs? Because the Macalope is.

They also seem to think there’s something wrong with wearing pink hot pants and being on Young Gay America.

Guess the tent the big swinging dicks of hacking live under isn’t such a big one. Hmm.

  • SecureEnough:

    Anyone who doubted these guys are above all really immature bozos with a chip on their shoulders just needs to read that “FAQ”. Right, they are doing it for the “benefit” of the Mac Community. #4 pretty much sums it up; we COULD have done this like responsible security gurus by notifying the vendors first, but where is the reward in that?

  • Yuda:

    My favorite part is how they’d already run out of actual *Apple* bugs on the second day.

  • How can these guys have heard of YGA, anyway? I haven’t even heard of that shit, but from glancing through it just now I see there aren’t any pink pants nor any boys as old or chubby as Our Leader (who only wears black in any case). All I saw there was a bunch of what MOAB must privately consider “hot boys.”

    This exercise would be so much more fun if these unfunny, closeted haxors would stick to putting up, shutting up, and all that.

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