Can't chew gum and walk the talk

H D Moore, author of the Zero-Day exploit of Apple’s 802.11b drivers in an interview with InfoWorld in July:

One reason that Metasploit has done so well is that there’s no holier-than-thou attitude.


The file name of the exploit?



The Macalope suggests not getting near Mr. Moore when he’s smoking.

  • Joe:

    Well “no holier-than-thou attitude.” hey
    Shame what a chop.
    Lets go rip apart a driver that was supplied a few years ago, to see if we can find an exploit?
    What a challenge I wonder if they have tried to find a driver for the original sound blaster cards maybe if they can find an exploit that will cause the music in Kings Quest to be played backwards?

    They might not be “holier-than-thou” but with the daringphucball bit they are obviously childish and nothing is worse that a bunch of grown men acting like 13 year olds.

  • It’s amazing how they are freaked out over an exploit that is for ancient mac hardware when there are plenty of hacks for current windows and PC setups NOW.


  • BarakTheCat:

    HEY! My Titanium PowerBook is NOT ancient! Decrepit maybe, but most definitely not ancient.

  • V M Respectable:

    Barak knows what’s up: the TiBook continues to be a beast of a machine, and it deserves good security. Mine would still be the greatest laptop if it hadn’t been wounded early in life, which has caused it mounting problems over the years.

    Not problems with mounting, problems that mount. It can still mount any volume, and I hope you’ll believe I never attempted anything else. Honest.

    Anyway, with that level of maturity from the problem’s discoverer, I would not be surprised if any exploit that found its way into use could be traced back to the same guy.

  • maybe if they can find an exploit that will cause the music in Kings Quest to be played backwards?

    Seriously, that would be fricking awesome.

  • Maybe we can find an exploit to crash these peoples computers who are writing these shitty hacs. Maybe we can make it so that their World of Warcraft won’t launch till they produce something useful.

  • The file name of the exploit?


    I couldn’t find this quote in the article macalope – what have you been smoking?

  • It’s in the first link, not the second link.

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