Details of Office 2007 for the Mac.

You have to hand it to the folks at the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit.

As is convention for the Office family, at this early stage the product is known only by its version number as ‘Office 12′. “That won’t be the name it goes to market with — we’ll have something brilliant, like the year it launches, as the name!” laughs Mary Starman, group product manager for Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU).

They’re very good-natured about their position in the Mac world. Why, they even realize what some silly pundits don’t: you can’t just tell Mac users to “boot into Windows”.

“Mac customers would prefer to run a native version of Office on their Mac” says Sheridan Jones, Lead Marketing Manager for the MacBU “We don’t expect and I don’t think Apple expects lots of their customers and our customers to be running the Windows version of Office on their Mac.”


  • Senioré Soosy:

    For the love, I truly wish they would just call it Office 12. And don’t get me started on the CS2 and MX crap. Thankfully, at least, the MX crap is no longer with us. And I shall always call you Photoshop 9 in defiance.

  • Stam:

    I can’t think of any one who would disagree with the above poster.
    Who /does/ come up with these silly naming conventions anyway?

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