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Coming soon to an “Advertise on this site” link?

The Macalope can’t wait for Apple to put up something about Bonjour and have GoogleAds dump a bunch of “Vacation in France” ads on them.

Now you’ll know how we feel!

ADDENDUM: Another thought on this: ad-based subscription service for iTunes? It’s not the Macalope’s cup of tea, but it could appeal to a segment of the market Apple’s not currently reaching.

If it’s not that, it’s annoyingly close to what the Macalope joked about below – a fee service that also made you watch ads.

Can a punch in the gut be far behind?

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  • Blain:

    Hunh? What? Why? This makes even less sense than the ‘Dell to run OSX’ wishful thinking.

    Perhaps if they want iTunes links be in text ads, or adverts for .mac, maybe. But to link away from

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