From zero to Godwin in 140 characters

Loving Isaacson’s Jobs bio. Had no idea how awful he was. Think Hitler with developers instead of the SS.

Jacob Weisberg, editor-in-chief of Slate, on Twitter.

  • considering the source, one of the more benighted hacks infecting this sphincter of a sad nation, the only surprise was the long-winded bastard managed to spew out his garbage in only 140 chars ….

  • No, think Vince Lombardi with developers. I (personally) have always shunned managing other people. Because if you give a shit about quality you have a constant war with the people who don’t. What Jobs had to do was go to war against those who would just sleepwalk through their tenure at Apple the same way they would have done at any other company.

    What he did was go back to the values that made American made products the envy of all the world. Build it better than anyone else and you win. Although they are physically built elsewhere the difference between Apple products and the competitor products is “built in the USA”.

    Vince took the losingest team in the NFL and made them world champions. Jobs took a company about to lose it all and built it into a world champion.

    A nice guy approach would not have worked for either situation.

    Vince has a highly sought after trophy named after him, we’ll see what happens with Jobs.

    I agree that Jobs was harsh and I would not have lasted there. But I wouldn’t have lasted under Lombardi either.

    2 things;

    1) do you get some sort of online journalistic prize for the Hitler mention? (and really, one guy starves and tortures 11-12 million people and the other guy yells at people, but they’re the same?)

    2) how can you be the editor in chief of an online publication and not know that Jobs was a difficult person to work for?

    Any 12 year old knows that.

    Maybe your cluelessness is why not so many people read Slate.


  • J.M. Heinrichs:

    Slate has always had cultural h’aspirations:


  • Kevin Horton:

    “Vince took the losingest team in the NFL and made them world champions” – World champions? Which other country did they play in the final?

    • Brent:

      Kevin, who was going to beat them? They were world champs because they were played in the only professional league in the world.

      • Kevin Horton:

        “… only professional league in the world”. Pretty small world you live in. Ever heard of the Canadian Football League? I’m not suggesting that the Packers would have lost to any CFL team, but you can’t declare a winner until the game is played. Sports would pretty boring if every game had a predictable result.

    • J.M. Heinrichs:

      Kansas City is in Missouri, on the wrong side of the Mississippi River.


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