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This week’s piece at Macworld looks at the return of Retrevo, silly punditry from Joe Wilcox and changes at the Apple Store.

The Macalope wondered on this one about linking to Retrevo again, but he can’t really blame them. They’re just trying to promote their little sales aggregation site or piano cat videos or whatever it is they do. And they were very nice when the horny one emailed them a couple of questions about the most recent survey. Which, after the way he responded to their last survey, was big of them, even if it just goes to prove the point that they’re more interested in the links than the science.

The Macalope always gets asked, why do you link to these kinds of people?! Why are you an enabler?!

The Macalope has gone back and forth on this issue, but it’s not like not talking about it is going to make it go away. The horny one is not the Lathe of Heaven. He can no more dream Retrevo away by not linking to them than he can dream away hoof-and-mouth disease by toweling off the foam on his mouth.

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