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This week’s piece at Macworld looks at the return of Retrevo, silly punditry from Joe Wilcox and changes at the Apple Store.

The Macalope wondered on this one about linking to Retrevo again, but he can’t really blame them. They’re just trying to promote their little sales aggregation site or piano cat videos or whatever it is they do. And they were very nice when the horny one emailed them a couple of questions about the most recent survey. Which, after the way he responded to their last survey, was big of them, even if it just goes to prove the point that they’re more interested in the links than the science.

The Macalope always gets asked, why do you link to these kinds of people?! Why are you an enabler?!

The Macalope has gone back and forth on this issue, but it’s not like not talking about it is going to make it go away. The horny one is not the Lathe of Heaven. He can no more dream Retrevo away by not linking to them than he can dream away hoof-and-mouth disease by toweling off the foam on his mouth.


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7 herbs and spices

This week’s Macworld piece takes a big heapin’ helpin’ o’ Rob Enderle, looks in horror at the Microsoft Store opening and what’s missing from Windows 7.


Everyone knows by now that Apple announced record results again this week (BOR-ING!) but one thing of note is that laptop sales increased an astounding 35% year-over-year for the back-to-school quarter.

Wait, back to school? That rings a bell. Why, wasn’t there recently some big to-do on the web about how Apple was going to lose back-to-school sales to netbooks?!

Yes, rhetorical question generator, there was! It was back in August when multiple Mac web sites went nuts and took the word of that firm that nobody had ever heard of before at face value, uncritically reporting their stupid-ass survey as if it were the harbinger of DOOOOM for Apple.

Yeah, not so much.

New digs

The horny one got tired of spending his days and nights fighting malware, so the site is now hosted on WordPress.com. Let them deal with it.

Alas, the old theme could not come along for the ride. The hastily slapped together image above is a placeholder. Something new should be up in, oh, 4-5 years.

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You should see the other guy

This week’s Macworld piece discusses whether the Windows 7 upgrade will be good or bad for Apple, talks about some potential new “I’m a Mac” ads and then Michael Dell goes wild!

Mobile market madness!

This week’s Macworld piece welcomes Windows Mobile 6.5, wonders how fast Windows 7 will get adopted and worries that the iPhone is doomed!

OK, not really on that last one.

From the annals of misunderstanding

InfoWorld: Adobe circumvents Apple to bring Flash apps to iPhone

Are these Flash apps? Well, they’re apps developed in Flash, but at runtime they’re native iPhone apps.

The piece seems to display this as a great strength of Adobe in doing an end run around Apple. But from where the Macalope’s sitting it seems like a weakness. What they’ve done is go to a lot of trouble to get some kind of answer for their developers who must have been kicking and screaming to get their apps on the iPhone. And the solution they’ve given them seems less than optimal.

From Apple’s perspective, they still control the gateway – the App Store – and still don’t have to deal with a bloated virtual machine sucking everyone’s batteries and crashing all the time. Now these apps will have to compete on their own against apps developed in Xcode. To you, the Flash developer, the Macalope says “Good luck!”

Who's the boss?

This week’s Macworld piece looks at tablet rumors and speculation and the Tweetie 2.0 dust-up.