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InfoWorld: Adobe circumvents Apple to bring Flash apps to iPhone

Are these Flash apps? Well, they’re apps developed in Flash, but at runtime they’re native iPhone apps.

The piece seems to display this as a great strength of Adobe in doing an end run around Apple. But from where the Macalope’s sitting it seems like a weakness. What they’ve done is go to a lot of trouble to get some kind of answer for their developers who must have been kicking and screaming to get their apps on the iPhone. And the solution they’ve given them seems less than optimal.

From Apple’s perspective, they still control the gateway – the App Store – and still don’t have to deal with a bloated virtual machine sucking everyone’s batteries and crashing all the time. Now these apps will have to compete on their own against apps developed in Xcode. To you, the Flash developer, the Macalope says “Good luck!”

  • Ari:


    No, wait….


    Hey, Adobe: sucks to be you.


    Note to anyone else who hates anything “Flash” based due to it’s useless advert-dishing and slowing down the web to a crawl with it’s resource-slopfest – look-up Click2Flash and shut-it-down.


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