The tab wars

This week’s piece at Macworld looks at Mac mini rumors, the Safari 4 tab controversy and, sigh, netbooks. AGAIN.

Analyst cage match!

When analysts collide, the phone industry blows and Apple sometimes does the wrong thing, all in this week’s Macworld piece.

Quote of the day

Social Networking is not Marketing; but the inability to grasp that fact is the defining characteristic of the New Media Douchebag.

From The Angry Drunk’s piece entitled Scoble Just Doesn’t Get It (tip o’ the antlers to Hack the Planet).

Your retail strategy appears to suck

In what seems like nothing more than a lame “me-too”, Microsoft is set to open retail stores. Unless they’re going to work with some hardware vendors to sell complete package solutions, the Macalope is having a hard time seeing how a store that sells nothing but software is going to do any better than, say, Egghead.

If you don’t remember Egghead, go ask your parents.

But, like the horny one noted, they could work around that.

The real kiss of doom is who they’ve picked to head up the effort. When Apple decided to open retail stores, it plucked Ron Johnson from Target and put the CEO of the Gap on its board. Who did Microsoft pick?

Porter has been head of worldwide product distribution for Dreamworks Animation SKG since 2007, but before that, he spent 25 years at Wal-Mart Stores. His last position there was vice president and general merchandise manager of entertainment.

Correct the Macalope if he’s wrong, but Dreamworks doesn’t have any retail stores other than, he would imagine, a few company stores. And, while some readers might not see the difference between Wal-Mart and Target, the horny one assures you it’s there.

It’s possible to still make a nice retail experience with these building blocks and Microsoft will assuredly throw a bazillion dollars into it, but right now this doesn’t exactly give off the sweet smell of success.

With competitors like these, who needs friends?

Latest piece is up at Macworld, for your reading enjoyment.

Myths, fantasies and other statistics

This week’s Macworld piece looks at Flash on the iPhone, Ballmer’s comments on Vista and dubious reporting on Apple’s sales prospects.