The tab wars

This week’s piece at Macworld looks at Mac mini rumors, the Safari 4 tab controversy and, sigh, netbooks. AGAIN.

  • Enrico Caruso:

    Now back up the turnip truck here, Sir Lope. I’ve got OS X installed on my kickin’ Acer Aspire One. Well, OK…I can’t actually shut the lid because it crashes. But the sound works sometimes. And I have wireless access now…er…uh….well, now that I put in a new wireless card. No really, it was easy. 8 screws, a credit card, and some tape did the trick. Plus, it has 1.5 MB of RAM. Uhm…no…it didn’t actually come with that, but I just undid those 8 screws, futzed with the credit card to crack the case, took off the keyboard, undid more screws, detached all the cables, pulled off the motherboard, unscrewed a daughterboard, and just popped that baby right in there. (And reverse…) Come on…what’s a few hacked extensions?

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