Apple announces last year at Macworld.

Phil Schiller to deliver keynote.

You may now freak out.

  • Macworld 2009 shall henceforth be known as an end of an era… or would that be Macworld 2008 since Jobs won’t even be there this time?

    But I wonder if some of this is because it’s gotten to the point where, no matter what they announce, stock drops due to expectations set too high. I mean it seems to me like Apple could announce Star Trek style transporter technology available now, and the stock would still drop. It happens every year!

  • How am I supposed to get my biannual fill of Jobsnotes?

    Uh… Is Steve OK?

  • monkyhead:




  • Joel Fagin:

    Don’t blame them. It seems to be more trouble than it’s worth, especially when they don’t happen to have any big announcments handy and the share price tanks. Steve will still be introducing products at his press events anyway.

  • Qengho:

    Whatever happened to noblesse oblige? Apple really should show up at the major expo.

  • Hmm…

    1. I can’t say I ever expected Steve or indeed Apple to give up on the classic keynote format. That’s always been the strongest PR ninja jutsu move they’ve had. Macworld has overshadowed CES and every other tech expo for years. Just the keynote alone is a spectacular piece of free advertising as every year gets underway just the way Apple says so. If nothing else: just think of the *canvas* Steve is turning away from. The iPod events are fine and all, but his true star power was all about the 90 minutes of WWDCs and above all Macworlds.

    2. Why make the announcement now? Wouldn’t any time between last WWDC and December have been less … startling? Obviously, Cupertino doesn’t give a flying Flip Ultra about IDC Expo, and this is stinging all the little guys at the expo from the fans to the firms who are still turning up. But far more importantly: ALARM BELLS SOUND for the well-being of you know who. The last time Phil Schiller led a keynote, there was a cancer backstory. That same level of freak-out is now going on thanks to the delivery of this shocker.

    This is a weird double story. Last Ever Macworld and No Stevenote. No wonder John Moltz has come out of retirement to cover it. Would you believe I actually heard the news at CARS!

  • eWeek linked here and only pulled the second two lines of this post. The first line contains a link while the other two don’t, but the three lines are meant to be read as bullet points. The Macalope was not saying that you should freak out just because Phil Schiller is delivering the keynote. Also, his granting of permission to freak out was clearly ironic. He knew the Apple world would freak out regardless.

  • Church of Apple:

    2nd that monkeyhead

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