"It was hell," he recalled

Jupiter Research’s Microsoft’s Jupiter Research’s Michael Gartenberg is returning to the fold after a grueling…

…three-week stint at Microsoft.

The Macalope was truly dismayed to read last month that Gartenberg was leaving Jupiter as he is an excellent analyst and, well, he just hates to see anyone good go to Microsoft.

While Gartenberg may have quickly realized that the fit between plain-spoken analyst and spin-happy corporation is not a good fit, the Macalope also speculates that Jupiter made him a late but attractive counter-offer. In his premature Jupiter swan song, Gartenberg wrote:

My current job is great, my boss is wonderful and I was compensated OK.

Ouch! “Great.” “Wonderful.” “OK.” One of these things is not like the others.

Whatever the reason, the Macalope applauds the ultimate decision.

Well, assuming it is the ultimate decision.

  • iheartbeer:

    What gives? I thought you were hibernating or procreating or procrastinating or some such????

    (be vewy vewy qwiet, I’m hunting macawope).

  • My current job is great, my boss is wonderful and I was compensated OK.

    The bathrooms were satisfactory and the cafeteria was poor. It just gets worse and worse.

    You think they already gave his office/cube/desk to someone else already?

  • dogfriend:

    I picture something like LOTR where Frodo puts on the ring momentarily and all hell breaks loose, then he removes the ring just in time to avoid being discovered by the evil eye of Mordor.

    Gartenburg managed to get the ring off just before Gates turned his attention to him.


    To even contemplate the idea of hunting such a magnificent beast for sport, it makes me cringe. Must I remind you that the killing of a Macalope is a cardinal sin? The punishment of such a transgression ranges from being forced to work at Microsoft for three weeks to confiscation of all your Apple products by CoA disciples; after which new, loving homes will be found for them.

    I strongly suggest you find a more commendable hobby.

  • SteveP:

    IF he was such a great analyst, how come his analysis of a move to Microsoft was so far off?
    (toung in cheek, guys!)

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