Trouble squirting?

Well, Zune users, it might be because Universal and Sony won’t allow what amounts to 40-50% of songs available for the Zune to be squirted (antler tip to Daring Fireball for the link).

Let’s say this out loud.

They won’t let you send a song to someone to be played all of three times before they’re prompted to buy it.

You might want to cancel your Zune bukkake party.

  • Jody Chen:

    Stop it, for the love of God! This is the second time you’ve caused me to blow a beverage through my nose all over my keyboard!

  • Gavin:

    Ooh. Zune bukkake! I’m thinking of Steve Ballmer. Gross.

  • I’m officially an old fart. I had to look up bukkake. Bloody hell that’s funny.

    Well at least they’ll be able to squirt their own stuff once they’ve ripped it.

  • There. That should fix it.

  • imagine.

    (bukkake… i snorted out loud and woke up my cat.)

  • John C. Randolph:

    Well thank you SO much for that mental image. I need to go and watch a few hours of Schoolhouse Rock now to get it out of my head.


  • Jody Chen:

    Italics Police,

    Thanks much! I was laughing so hard I neglected to close the tag properly. Now if you could only do something to erase the image of a squirting Steve Ballmer from my mind, I’d be profoundly grateful.

  • Don’t worry, I’m sure that despite stuff like this, the Zune will be selling 21 million in a quarter any time now.

  • John Muir:

    Like Origami’s storming the world powered by the invincible WinCE, or like xbox 360’s still struggling to match PS2 sales? Just wondering. 😉

    Re: Bukkake … The Macalope’s part antelope? Let’s fence off that whole complex of images before it gets well out of control!

  • I have a major beef (or is that venison) with the Macalope. Since 8 o’clock last night, all I have to do is think “Zune bukkake,” and I start laughing. It’s ruining my life.

  • Jody Chen:

    Karl Von L.,

    Thanks for the iSkin link; I’ll definitely need one for my PowerBook if I continue to read the Macalope’s brilliantly funny pieces.

    I’ll also have to send him the bill for it.

  • V M Respectable:

    They’ll have the deal all fixed up by the time they release the phone. Because haven’t you heard? The iPhone is coming out in Zune.

    Hope that gets your minds off roomfuls of Ballmers sans pants.

  • It’s venison. And the Macalope does not take responsibility for equipment damaged due to “nosers.”

    He should probably put that in a disclaimer somewhere.

  • I too, enjoyed a hearty chuckle from this post; not from the x-rated comment, but from the actual news.

    What happened to: MICROSOFT – the big, scary technological juggernaut of the 90’s?

    First the record labels extort a $10 fee from every Zune sold, now there’re deliberately refusing to provide content that’s compatible which the main feature Microsoft was using to market this device?

    Sounds to me like the record labels got the once mighty juggernaut bent over squealing like a pig, like the fat guy in Deliverance. (Seriously, what’s with the sexual references today, ffs?)

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