Satire truly is dead.

Today on Macworld’s web site (antler tip to Daring Fireball):

Apple and SecureWorks “Working Together”; Toorcon Presentation Canceled.

“SecureWorks and Apple are working together in conjunction with the CERT Coordination Center on any reported security issues,” SecureWorks said in a statement provided to Macworld. “We will not make any additional public statements regarding work underway until both companies agree, along with CERT/CC, that it is appropriate.”

Last week on Crazy Apple Rumors:

Apple/SecureWorks Controversy Ends Bizarrely.

In a bizarre ending to the Apple/SecureWorks controversy (also known as Security Bitch Watch), technology industry sources indicate that the two companies – previously at bitter odds over the security of Apple’s Airport hardware and drivers – were seen making out together in the parking lot behind the dumpster.

“Wha-?” said ZDNet’s George Ou upon hearing the news. “But… but… after all I did for SecureWorks I thought…

“I thought SecureWorks and I… were…”

Ou burst into tears and ran into the girls bathroom.

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  • John Muir:

    I’m sure they’ll play it as a victory for the whatever side it is they’re rooting now.

    It’s a nice move by Apple for security consciousness, but leaves just enough open for the saga to continue. “A soap opera for nerds” indeed.

  • I’ve stated this before: My problem is with Brian Krebs’s reporting on this issue, not Maynor or Ellch.

    That being said, if they have something, now is the time to stand up and say “f*** you” to SecureWorks. They are being turned into jokes. The fact that they haven’t is fairly telling that there is NO evidence.

  • Skeptic:

    “Ou burst into tears and ran into the girls bathroom.”

    This is all hearsay. Hearsay and libel. I mean, were you in the girls bathroom at the time? And what exactly did you do?

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