10 [Wrong] Things They Hate About Macs

In An Apple for the Enterprise, InfoWorld’s Tom Yager provides 10 ways to silence Apple-phobic IT professionals when they spout misperceptions about the Mac.

Sadly, shooting them in the face with a fire hose is not one of the ways.

  • V M Respectable:

    Tom goes into the AMD thing, too, I see. I’d like to have someone who knows something more about this talk about how likely that is in the short term. To me it just sounds like a lot more work for little benefit: as it is, the OS has to know how to best stroke two different architectures with a number of different feature sets just right to make them purr; adding another with even more permutations, not to mention AMD’s fabled hackability, seems like a hassle. I’m probably way off, but I’d still like someone to not just throw an AMD comment in there so facilely, as though it’s settled one way or the other.

  • Billy K:

    My list goes to eleven.

    (Implying that shooting in the face with a firehose is no. 11. Get it?)

  • Kordan Harvey:

    From what I’ve read are the currently line of Intel chips not showing AMD how it’s really done? I haven’t heard anything from AMD in a long, long time.

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