George Ou's Greatest Apple Hits!

ZDNet and Macalope Records bring you this delightful collection of the stylings of unbiased blogger George Ou!

You’ll love such timeless hits as Microsoft’s Inability to Ship Vista is a Feature and Now That Apple’s Gone Intel, Software Companies Are Going To Tell Users To Boot Into Windows!

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  • James Bailey:

    I couldn’t leave this post without giving the best example of a how wonderfully amusing George Ou is. He actually said this in a comment on his blog here:

    “Not being left alone
    Hacking Mac computers is big since the people that own them are more wealthy. It’s just that you don’t hear about them since criminal hackers don’t want you to.
    Posted by: george_ou Posted on: 02/28/06”

    This has to be the best example of why people should read everything George writes. You can’t get this kind of comedy anywhere else at any price.

  • ugh:

    the psp vs ipod video was the worst, I think, since the psp only supports that resolution for UMDs, user-added files are limited to 320×240, because sony hates you and wants you to die in a fire.

  • Marc:


    The only disappointing thing is that these days it seems like half-baked, hyped idiot journalists and keyboard warriors are getting more attention than those who write responsibly. The more time we spend laughing at this guy, the more hits we’re giving their sites and the more ad revenue we’re giving their companies. Not smart.

  • Stam:

    Wow, after reading just half those links i had to go take a shower – it’s truly wallowing in the pits of windows-zealot world…

    His part in the wireless hacking debacle is now much clearer.

  • GadgetGav:

    I have to laugh at George Ou’s over-inflated sense of self importance. Like in the vunerability article; “I decided to settle this once and for all”. Like he is that only opinion on the matter that carries any weight..!
    He can’t think his articles through – look at how many ‘updates’ (read factual corrections) he posts to the most inflamtory ones.
    He can’t even write. Here’s an example from his Gruber Flames Out article “… that I George Ou is ‘going down with the ship’ “.

    It’s also funny, and not very professional, to see him getting into arguments and flame wars in the comments. Another sign of his own sense of self importance, because he must be reading his own blog’s comments all the time.

    I don’t know whether to ignore him or to keep reading for a good laugh. The more page hits his blog gets, the more ZDNet will think of him (he obviously couldn’t think any more of himself). He’s not a real journalist, and we probably shouldn’t do anything that perpetuates the myth that he is…

  • gdw:

    Sorry, can’t help it:

    George demonstrating his lack of knowledge by claiming that OS X dates back to 2000.

    Reality: OS X is basically an evolved NeXTSTEP which dates back to 1985.

  • V-Train:

    Personally, I loved this gem where he tells a commentor to “Learn English” because he/she actually thought a couple means two! He was nice enough to explain that a couple actually means “4-9”.

    Another gem was when he claimed Mac OS X doesn’t use file extensions. Yeah, he’s a real “expert” of Macs…

  • Maybe he’s a Dvorak replacement now the big D has admitted he deliberately trolled Apple’s fans. We need to stop feeding these trolls free hits, it just encourages them.

  • psp:

    Despite Sony’s continue efforts at screwing it up, I like the PSP. I really do. But anyone who knows the first thing about it would NEVER mistake it for an iPod video. I mean, come ON.

    “After adding a little bit of storage” … um, no. At the time he wrote that, the biggest memory stick you could buy — a mere 2GB — was over $100. The bulky third-party 4GB hard drive was almost $200. Add that little bit of storage, and you’ve doubled the cost of the PSP without even matching what an iPod video can hold. And we haven’t even started talking about features or weight or anything.

    Stuff like that just makes him seem like he’s itching to make bizarre slams on Apple for no reason.

  • Preston:

    I love where he praises Windows XP for booting “under 30 seconds” when my iMac boots in 12. Now, ignorant Windows users who have never touched a Mac will read that article and assume Macs boot in 30 seconds or more and that Windows is on OS X’s level in that regard, when OS X boots in less than half the time XP does on both my iMac and my MacBook.

  • Steve:

    Ugh! Don’t even get me started with
    The author of that site tried to track down Jack Miller (from to the point of stalking, and after a lot of people told him to back off, he called Jack a ‘jerk who doesn’t even bother to let everyone (namely Philip Smith, the wonk in question) know of his wherabouts’.

    And if you want to delve into the mind of a madman, take a look at his entry about his ‘Search for Jack:’

    when he joins forums, he’ll start an argument to prove a point, and if people start to call him out, he’ll log into the same forum under different names; he invents people just to pull a ‘George Ou’.

  • Weaselspleen:

    Here’s a good George Ou quote…

    “The Dell has an 8x DVD burner compared to the Mac’s 4x DVD burner. I would say that has to be worth $90. ”

    Yeah, that’s exactly the sort of thing George WOULD say.

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