Who's the new guy?!

Remember back when Apple board members were guys you’d never heard of? Well, that was probably because you didn’t know as much about the tech industry back then and, these days, tech executives are practically like celebrities (Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise excluded).

But let’s meet the new guy!

(Cue The Dating Game music…)

The former chairman and CEO of Novell, he’s got 20 years of experience as an Internet strategist, entrepreneur and technologist. As Sun’s CTO, he led the development of a little thing called Java (not to be confused with the island of the same name). He’s got a Ph.D. in computer science and has probably ridden if not owned a Segway.

He’s an Aquarius who loves long walks in the rain, romatic dinners, snuggling and online porn…

He’s Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt! Let’s give him a big hand!

Margot, what’s your first question for Eric?

Errrrric, if I were a hard drive, how would you mount me?


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