Introducing the Macalope Daily

The Macalope is thrilled to announce that Macworld Insiders can now get his sarcastic take on the Apple news every weekday. No more waiting until Saturday when you have to do your community service anyway!

  • Scott G. Lewis:

    Love ya… but hope the Saturday column sticks around. $40??? I know there’s more that comes with it… but …

  • The Macalope:

    The Saturday column will still be free like butterflies and unicorns and Open Source.

  • Jon:

    Impressive. I didn’t know it was possible to nail your own coffin shut from the inside. I’ll miss your witticisms, but not that much.

  • The Macalope:

    What part of “The Saturday column will still be free” did you not understand?

  • DB:

    Best of luck with it! I’m sure a lot of cheapskates will balk, but I hope plenty of folks will pony up to get their recommended daily allowance of Macalope—and that the Macalope gets a share with which to buy more delicious, delicious alfalfa.

    Wait, wrong family. Ponies are Perissodactyla, while the Macalope probably hails from Artiodactyla.

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