Thanks sooo much

This week’s Macworld column looks at the stunning and completely new argument that Apple is a religion, takes another fond look at Flash and finishes with the Mac Defender news of the week.

The art of the lazy dodge

As I see it, if you make the hit list for Gruber or the Macalope, you can call it a job well done and go grab a beer.

- PCWorld’s Tony Bradley

Of trolls and straw men

This week’s Macworld column looks at Lodsys and the two attacks against Mac users: one the Mac Defender Trojan and the other all the obnoxious straw men.

Introducing the Macalope Daily

The Macalope is thrilled to announce that Macworld Insiders can now get his sarcastic take on the Apple news every weekday. No more waiting until Saturday when you have to do your community service anyway!

Remember Microsoft?

This week’s Macworld column takes a look at that company from the ’90s we used to get worked up about. Humorously, of course.

Yes, but no

This week’s Macworld column looks at partial truths about App Store exclusivity, Mac security and the thickness of the white iPhone.

Uh, nice lede, CNN

Al Qaeda Inc. might suffer some initial setbacks from Osama bin Laden’s death, but so did Apple Inc. when shares dropped over rumors of Steve Jobs’ illness. But it did not take long to realize that Jobs has established a highly functional corporation, and the shares bounced back.

Drug trafficking, kidnapping fund al Qaeda (tip o’ the antlers to Dan Frakes)