You should totally wait for our next product

Amidst rumors the Xoom’s not doing as well as they’d have liked, Motorola may be looking forward. That’s great! Don’t don’t be held back by that relationship! Live, Motorola, live!

However, its own CEO has pointed to a seven-inch Xoom coming in the second half of the year.

Terrific. Way to telegraph your punches.

It would be a “fun” device where the 10-inch model of today is targeted more at serious users, however, and would leave little overlap.

Yeah, this 10-inch iPad the Macalope plays Fruit Ninja on is waaaaaay too serious.

OK, maybe he just means the Xoom is too serious. That’s possible. Seriously… well, you fill in the blank.

  • What I find increasingly unbelievable is that all these tablet manufacturers coming out with new products and advertising them to the hilt, and response in the market. No sell-through to speak of.

    But with strong sales of the iPad, Apple comes out with the iPad 2 and they are sold out everywhere.

    How are these non-Apple manufacturer’s missing the mark so badly? There’s clearly demand for a good product.

  • Well, Bill – I think you the nail on the head: “…there’s clearly demand for a good product”. You see, that where the tablet manufacturers are falling down – in fact – I think we can safely say that BECAUSE they are hardware manufacturers they are already hamstrung. They can offer no differentiation over any other device – different candy shell, same dull insides.

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