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This article on iPad 2 buying advice is not for you. You’re welcome to read it, of course, but it’s really intended for my friends and relatives who’ve been asking me since last week whether the iPad 2 is worth getting, or whether they should wait for something better.

Uh… nice lede, PC World. Really draws the reader in.

In the name of propriety, the Macalope’s going to ignore the rest of the piece since it’s apparently a private missive to Jared Newman’s friends and family that somehow found its way on the web site of a technology publication.

  • ACMESalesRep:

    A private missive? Actually, it appears to be a thinly veiled ad for the Xoom. Subliminal, almost. Makes me wonder what kind of diabolical mind control Newman’s practicing on his “friends” and family.

  • David Wilkinson:

    “I can say that the iPad is already an excellent muse for the arts, with heaps of apps for music, drawing and photo editing … however, the iPad suffers from its lack of a USB jack, microSD slot and file manager. Those features, some or all of which are available on the Xoom or other upcoming tablets, aren’t as fun, but they’re better than using iTunes to transfer data.”

    What a dilemma – we can choose an excellent content creation device with a functional but not ideal mechanism for transferring our created content onto other computers, or we can choose something that would be great for moving content about if only it came with any tools that we could use to actually create that content. Tough choice.

    • USB really? Perhaps a floppy drive would be also helpful. Or, you can do what the cool kids are doing and move to the cloud. I’d rather have a VGA port if we’re going to be adding vintage styling.

  • dannyo152:

    Down below, he refers to getting a “peak” at iOS 5. TMI about what the kids are calling something these days?

  • Pete:

    He is lying. If that were the case he’d have just emailed his advice to friends and family.

  • Atlatl:

    The “it’s not for you” reminded me of this Penny Arcade strip.


    And it made about as much sense.

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