Short answers to stupid questions’s Dave Goldman asks:

Did Apple shoot itself in the foot by making its first generation tablet too good?


  • Jon:

    Dave needs a good antler-slap.

  • BackScatter:

    I also liked his hoop jumping with the: “…the 32 gigabyte $599 Motorola Xoom tablet gives the iPad a real run for its money in cost: It is a full $130 cheaper (if you shell out for a a required Verizon data plan) than the similarly sized $729 iPad 3G, which has an optional data plan for an additional price.”

    So $1,114 (XOOM! + 24 Month data plan + Activation fee) < $729?

  • The Macalope:

    If you pay more, it’s cheaper!

  • KiltBear:

    ‘bear <3 'lope

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